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The forum is one of the best ways to get a fast, free answer to your general questions, share comments and ideas, make suggestions and report bugs.

We know the forum can be confusing to new users so here are some general guidelines:

Reporting bugs:

  • Please make sure you have the most current version of Phreedom installed
  • Check your javascript log (with FireFox) and copy any errors.
  • Report bugs to the area called ‘Bugs Happen’
  • Bug reports are our top priority as we want to maintain a stable version
  • Most bugs will be fixed within a few days.

Feature Requests:

  • New feature suggestions are always looked at and taken into consideration
  • New features are developed when they will benefit a broad segment of the business community.
  • If you have a customization request specific for your business we would be more than happy to accommodate with a service contract.
  • We are more than happy to quote and discuss specific jobs!  Please contact us by clicking here.

PhreeSoft News:

  • There is a segment on our forum for News and Release History.
  • The best way to stay current on new releases and other news is to subscribe to our twitter or facebook.

General Questions:

  • Most questions can be answered in the forum under ‘General Usage’
  • If you cant find a topic covering our question please post a new topic and some one will respond shortly!
  • Another place to check for answers is the “Docs” tab in the main web page.

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