PhreeSoft Releases Bizuno for Public Beta Testing

PhreeSoft has released the completely re-designed Bizuno ERP small business application for Beta testing. Based on the PhreeBooks accounting engine developed by PhreeSoft (currently available through, Bizuno will be a cloud based, commercially supported product that updates the user interface, dramatically increases speed, offers unlimited customization and will offer more interfaces to third party applications. Bizuno customers (we call them members) will allow you to focus more time on building and running your business and less time operating servers and fighting software that doesn’t play nice with each other. It’s like having your own personal IT department and Operations Specialist a click away.

The Bizuno Beta program offers a select few an early look into the Bizuno program and will help us flush out all the early development bugs. Beta participants will have direct access to PhreeSoft’s BizNerds, a technical group of engineers and business professionals trained in Bizuno fundamentals, Bizuno custom development, and how to use the Bizuno toolbox to manage your business.

If you are interested in signing up for the Bizuno Beta program, click HERE and we will take you to the PhreeSoft store. Purchase the Bizuno Beta product, and if you qualify, we will send you information on how to set up and get starting using Bizuno.  For PhreeBooks users, we have developed a conversion script to get you most of the way in (reports and a few other features are not available to convert). Additionally, we are still working on a few more apps and features as listed on the development roadmap page.

PhreeBooks R3.7 Release Candidate 1 Released

PhreeBooks R3.7 RC1 Release Notes:

It should be noted that all Issues, bugs, and most enhancements and changes are reported, discussed and resolved through the PhreeBooks GitHub pages. This is a public forum and anyone can check all issues outstanding and resolved at any time:

The PhreeBooks development team would suggest that anybody using an earlier version of PhreeBooks upgrade, where suitable, to this latest version. Especially if you use average costing and/or sell cogs tracked inventory beyond what is in stock (negative inventory).

Changes & Enhancements Summary:
– Bug fixes dealing with selling negative inventory
– Bug fixes and enhancements for tacking inventory using Average Costing
– Stability and speed improvements throughout

For a complete listing see the closed issues list and change hitory log at GitHub.

• Download PB-R37RC1 from
• Make a remote back-up of your PB install
• Logout of PhreeBooks
• Copy new PhreeBooks files over existing PhreeBooks files
• Login – any updates to the database will be automatically applied

PhreeBooks R3.6 Release Candiate 3 Released

The long awaited release of R3.6 RC3 is finally here! The latest can be downloaded at the market or through We have also updated all the modules to conform to the new menu structure. Release notes are included in the .zip download. Thanks to the development team for all their hard work and testing.

IMPORTANT: If you are upgrading from any earlier version, including R3.6 RC2, you will need to upgrade all extensions as well. They are all available in the PhreeBooks Market for download.


Welcome to the new home of the PhreeBooks Accounting project

Welcome to the new home of the PhreeBooks open source accounting project. I will be updating the site and adding new content as we prepare the next release R3.6 of PhreeBooks. Take a few minutes to get acquainted with the new layout and visit the Extension market where add-on modules, reports, forms, and other enhancements can be found. The ever popular forum has been relocated (intact I hope) from our prior host ( and will continue to be the primary place to be for community support. The next few months we will be adding more HowTo’s and FAQs to fill voids that have been around for far too long.

This is an open source community project and needs the support and commitment of the users to keep the project current at the front of competing ERP projects out there. If you want to write up a How To, add a section to the users manual or just help others with the operation of the application, all input is welcome. We have also added a new menu for videos, want to try your skills? Send us your ideas.